The Art of the Catapult Talk and Presentation

The Art of the Catapult

      From 400 BC to 1400 AD, catapults were the most

powerful, largest, and most important machines on earth.

This presentation provides a compelling history and science

lesson. This is a customized presentation about the art and

science of catapults.

      The presentation includes a talk and a demonstration of

 Ludgar the War Wolf (the large Trebuchet modeled after a

 famous 14th Century English catapult.) It is a hands-on

presentation and attendees actually load and fire Ludgar

as well as several smaller model catapults.

      The Art of the Catapult is a program suited to schools,

libraries, fundraisers, and other events

     This presentation relates directly to many state physical

science curriculums. Contact Bill for details


For grades: 3-12

Touring area: Upper Midwest, but national tours are in the

works. Contact Bill for specific info.

Special requirements: Generally, this is an outdoor

presentation, although it could be moved indoors under

certain conditions. Outdoors, the catapult hurls baseball-

sized objects between 100 and 300 feet. A parking lot or

 field with access is required.

Safety: The catapults are sturdily built and are very

accurate.  No projectiles land near participants. There is no

 danger to any participant.

Fees: Depends on distance traveled, length of program.

Note: Guaranteed sales of the author's books, (purchased

directly from the author), this can be applied against the

 performance fees. Contact Bill for details.

CONTACT: Bill Gurstelle

TEL: 877-907-1559

EMAIL:  use the form by clicking HERE

References and Recommendations: Available on request

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